Logo Design

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Have an idea of what you want your logo to be? Want to discuss questions? Our design team…


What a Logo Is

Your logo is the cornerstone of your entire brand. Think of your brand as a giant wheel with spokes – and your logo in the center, extending itself in part or in whole to secondary branding efforts. We think most great branding starts with a great logo. And that’s why we absolutely love creating our identities from scratch.

Your logo is what can serve to represent you when you’re not physically in the room. It can relay confidence, professionalism and legitimacy – furthering the elicited emotion in your target audience and capturing their attention while also setting you apart from your competition.

Logo Process Overview

  • Design Consultation

    Have an idea of what you want your logo to be? Want to discuss questions? Our design team schedules a one-on-one consultation with each and every client. It is here that we give our undivided attention and have a conversation about what your logo and brand can become.

  • Design Phase

    We take the notes from our conversations and begin conceptualizing ideas, researching your competition, and start putting pencil to paper. Once we get the concepts to a certain stage, we begin taking them digital – where we craft the logo concepts on the computer.

  • Presentation Phase

    This is the fun part. We get to share with you the fruits of our labor. We send off a batch of freshly made logos to you for review. In most cases, our clients select an option and we discuss what revisions (if any) you would like to see to get the logo exactly as you want it. We take great pride in the collaborative approach!