Building a long-lasting career as a real estate agent is much like running your own business.  Your company brand will only take you so far, it is your personal brand that potential buyers and sellers will connect with.  Here are 5 important steps to building a memorable brand.

Purchase a Domain Name

Like any business- you should have your own domain name.  You should not use your companies domain- this business is about YOU, not them.  For example, if you’re with Keller Williams and they gave you a domain like – DO NOT MARKET THIS DOMAIN.  You would want to register something like – this way you can use that domain name with any website of your choice and if you ever decide to change brokers your domain name can move with you.  Click here to learn how to choose a great domain name for your real estate business.

Set Up a Branded Email Address

Similar to having your own domain name- you want to own your email address.   If your franchise provides you with an email address- great-  don’t use it!   You want to have an email address that matches your domain name… for example if I registered as my domain name– I should set up an email  All respectable businesses do- and you should too!  Do not rely on a free email address or – it’s just not professional.  We recommend using G-Suite for Business for your professional email service/address.

Take a Solid Headshot

If you’re like most people, you’re not a fan of getting your photo taken, and that’s ok, but you’re going to need to get over it.  You may want to lose 10lbs before you get your headshot, wait until your next haircut, or any number of excuses to delay the inevitable.  You need a SOLID headshot-  NOW.  What makes for a great headshot?  Here are a few things:

  • Taken with a professional camera with professional lighting (NO iPhone Photos)
  • The top of your head and both shoulders are in the shot
  • The background can easily be removed

Your headshot can be updated/replaced in the future… in fact, you should plan on getting a new headshot every 1-3 years or anytime you have a major change in appearance.

Order Quality Business Cards

The saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression couldn’t be truer in real estate.  Prospective clients are interviewing you for the most important purchase or sale of their life.  They’re evaluating your ability to help at every opportunity… including looking at your marketing materials.  If your business card is cheap, what will a potential seller think about your ability to market their home?  If you do not take marketing yourself seriously- are you able to take marketing their $300K home seriously?  Let’s not forget the average commission on a $300K home is $9,000, you can’t afford to make a bad first impression.

Wear Your Name Tag Everywhere

You never know when that shopping trip to Publix is going to turn into a conversation about real estate and a listing appointment.  One of the best ways to stir up conversations with a complete stranger is by wearing your name tag everywhere you go… Picking up the kids at school?  Wear your name tag!  Running to the car wash?  Wear your name tag!  People love talking about real estate and this is one of the best ways to let someone know that you’re a real estate professional.  Take a look at our sister-company for special deals on name tags.