Employee Spotlight – Marc

Since Marc’s addition to the BrandCo team, he has become a huge asset in our Refresh department. One day destined to join Stark Industries, he regularly improves our processes and build times. Learn more about him below.

What do you do here?
I am a web developer on the Refresh team. I build, launch, and support all things Responsive Refresh.

What got you into developing / design?
I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering so I have a good background in code and critical thinking/problem solving. I also have a background in art which helped give me a good eye for design. Web development just seemed right to me.

If your co-workers could describe you in 3 words…
easy-going, friendly, helpful

Favorite resource / place for inspiration / brand:
I’m always finding great art/music/tech on Reddit.

Best thing about BrandCo:
I love working in small teams where your contributions really make a difference.

If you had a super power…
Teleportation, anything to get me off of the 528.

What is the defining cartoon of your childhood?
Nobody made me laugh harder than Bugs Bunny

Any special awards / milestones / fun facts about you?
I’m a classically trained musician. I played trombone for about 8 years and still like to write music on my free time.

When you’re not at BrandCo, what are you up to? (Interests, Hobbies)
I am a major foodie. I love cooking fancy or exotic foods. I am always trying hole in the wall restaurants or places I find in food blogs.

The one thing you’d like to share about yourself that maybe people don’t know:
I collect hot sauce…