Logo Spotlight – Concept One Real Estate

Concept One Real Estate, based out of Portland Oregon, isn’t your average real estate firm. Josh Friberg founded his business on the belief that your home is the first thing that determines major aspects of your life. Everything from your local hangouts, what you do for fun, even where you work is determined by where you live and what your surroundings are. Concept One as a brand expands into many other branches outside of the real estate world, including business development and podcasting. Josh is also one of 30 nationally certified trainers/teachers of The ONE Thing, and you can find him giving speaking events in the Portland area and across the country. 


Concept One was always meant to be a typographic logo – basically a logo that uses text as the main element instead of an icon. Representing a brand or an idea using only text can be a difficult task, but not an impossible one. So, with the knowledge that Concept One is rooted in technology and training, we knew the logo had to be clean and classy. It also had to be flexible, so that the client could adapt the logo for the other branches of the business.

We used good old fashioned pencil and paper to flesh out a way of transforming the negative space in the letter C into a 1. The use of negative space is an integral player in logo design and can lead to innovative and memorable icons if used properly. Pairing that idea with a clean, modern font gave us the perfect look for this fresh new brand.