Want a Reason to Go Responsive? Here’s FOUR!

Having a responsive website has become one of the most important things you can do for your online presence. Some may think that it would make sense to leave their older website that way it is, but to allow mobile users to access a secondary website, just for them. Below are four primary reasons to consider taking your website responsive.

One Website For It All

Responsive websites have the ability to viewed at their best from all platforms. Not only that, working to maintain one website is a lot better than having to maintain a static and mobile website.

It Pleases Google

We all want to rank higher with our websites through search engines, especially Google. Having a responsive website is a serious consideration that Google makes when giving search results. If you’re using both a mobile and static website, you’re getting hit with penalties. With more than 67% of all searches being done on Google – it’s extremely important to have a mobile friendly website. You can test your website by clicking this link.

Think About Your Mobile Users

20% of Google search is done from mobile devices like cell phones or tablets
75% of Americans take their phone with them to the bathroom
25% of users in the US only access the internet from their phones
Astoundingly, over half of social media visits happen on a mobile phone or tablet.

These are all reasons why making sure that your website caters to these numbers is so important. Having a website that properly responds to being pulled up on a smart phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop is crucial to giving the best experience possible. experience.

Keep Them Happy, Keep Your Business Happy

By creating that trust with your visitors when you give each different device the same website experience, you’re building a relationship with them. Easily finding what they’re looking for will make them happy. When you have happy visitors, you will see a lower bounce rate and an increase in business!