Why do Most Real Estate Agents Business Cards Suck?

As a REALTOR®, you know the importance of business cards when it comes to building your customer base. Unfortunately, many of these cards are so unbearably bad that you could be causing yourself more harm than good.
It seems that many cards being used by agents are just leaving the wrong impression. Even if you are the best REALTOR® in your community, when your business cards suck you can’t avoid the negative fallout. You are just going to drive those potential clients away; and, even worse, these people are not going to return.
There are a number of reasons why REALTOR®’s business cards fail to connect with prospective customers. Here are a few of the features that can sink any business card:
  • Crappy paper (too thin and cheap to take seriously)
  • TMI – Too Much Information (less text is better)
  • Poor design makes people think you are unprofessional
  • Improper use of color and fonts
  • Unflattering photo
  • Outdated picture- time to move past your college days
  • “I Love Referrals” (it makes absolutely no sense when you are giving this kind of business card to someone you just met!)
  • Tip Calculator on the back side of the card (Whoa!! Do you think anyone actually needs this?)
On the flip side, these are the features that actually do impress your prospective clients:
  • Quality card stock (paper with the perfect thickness and texture)
  • Less is more – include only the basics such as your name, company, title, contact numbers and website.
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN icons
  • Business Logo
  • If you are to use a photo of yourself, please remember that you are a professional (and update your picture on a regular basis!)
  • White space is important – too much clutter defeats the purpose of the card.
  • Bold colors make your card stand out in the crowd.
  • Consider using both the front and back of your business card. (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN info can be placed on the back.)
Make sure you use business cards which convey your professionalism as a top real estate agent. You can find some high quality business cards on our website at a price less than you might expect.