Why You Shouldn’t Use Someone Else’s Content

As we’ve preached for years and years, content is the key to achieving Search Engine Optimization! Simply put, Search Engines want to know what you have to say and they want to be sure it’s said with your readers in mind. With content being so important, blog writers and/or website users are often tempted to simply take it from others. Here are the top reasons why you should create your own content instead of copy it.

Don’t Waste Your Time

Believe it or not, if you found content on the internet, it is most likely already indexed on the majority of Search Engines. But what does that really mean? It means that sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc are already giving credit to a specific domain for the content you found. If you copy and paste that content into your website, you’re then considered a duplicate. Search Engines do not want to credit duplicated content as a dependable source when answering users’ questions. They’re10x more likely to provide the original content than to ever suggest yours to someone that is searching for the information. If the purpose of adding content to your site is to be found in Search Engines (the fabled SEO), then copying and pasting someone else’s work is a step backwards and you’re mostly just wasting your time.

Your Readers Want to Hear From You

People end up on your website because they want to know what you have to say. In the instance of real estate agents, your current and potential clients want the opportunity to get to know you through what you write. It seems strange to think that your personality comes out in what you type, but it definitely does. If they wanted to read that other content, they would have found it on their own. Yet, they came to your website! Give them the real deal! If you had access to that other content, they most likely did, too. Sell yourself, not someone else.

You’re the Expert

When you’re writing for your website, you’re giving your real-world knowledge the ability to come to life on the internet. You know what you’re talking about. Don’t feel the need to take content just because it is online. The content that your readers want is the information that you tell your clients, friends, family every day. Having that info available online, at-the-ready, for all your potential friends and future customers, is what will help increase your web presence.

Most Importantly, It’s Plagiarism

Whoa! That’s a serious word! But, it’s true! Plagiarism is defined as “the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.” I know that Plagiarism seemed like a more punishable offense prior to the world wide web, but the impact on SEO makes a big difference in the success of your website.

If you find articles on the internet that you feel would have a great place within your website, there are options. It’s best to use that information as inspiration rather than taking it word for word. Credit your source. Write in your own words. Be original. Your readers will appreciate it and you’ll get the bump in ranking that you’re looking for.