10 Best Real Estate Websites of 2015

Responsive web design was the name of the game in 2015 and real estate websites were no different. Making sure that your site is viewable in multiple platforms such as cell phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop is crucial due to the changes to search engine algorithms, like that of Google, that took place this year. The below websites prominently display the ability for visitors to do property searches, as well as multiple calls to action that coin side with each business’ goals. Take a look at the 10 best websites of 2015 for Keller Williams agents created by BrandCo.

Kerr & Associates
Kerr and Associates website made by BrandCo

Betty Kerr and her team of associates host an amazing new responsive website that’s viewable on all different platforms. If you are searching for a home in the Orange County area of California, you are instantly presented with options to make your search much easier. The layout is simplistic, but quick to give information that its visitors may be looking for. Whether you’re looking to buy or to sell, there is something for you!The colors used throughout the design represent warm tones and a sophisticated pallet.

Joe PinedaJoe Pineda website made by BrandCo

Scenic is the perfect word to describe Joe Pineda’s new website. Joe is a Hawaii-focused real estate agent and his site greatly illustrates the beautiful views that he can grant for his potential clients. Within the homepage, you can see the most important call-to-action, which would be searching for homes. After which, you’re greeted by the opportunity to learn more about Honolulu and for home owners to learn the value of their previous purchases. The colors used throughout the website are bright and eye catching imagery is used.

Rita OrearRita Orear website made by BrandCo

A very fun and spunky real estate website with a nicely placed home search above the fold at the main call to action. This site has everything laid out beautifully for its clients. The menu is longer than most of those within this list, but contains a large amount of information. Community and school information is available, as well as information and pre-made searches for popular local communities located in the Indianapolis area. This website is built fully on the WordPress platform, making it easy for the client to maintain and add information.

Michelle AltonMichelle Alton website made by BrandCo

Michelle Alton is a real estate agent that focuses on finding homes for her clients that suit their lifestyles. Her website allows people to do their home searches regarding city, suburban, or cottage life. You are able to easily sign up for listing alerts, as well. Unlike most other websites, many links are available straight from the homepage regarding buyer and seller resources, as well as investment opportunities. With the use of cool, tranquil colors, this design really comes to life.

Imagine Utah Living
Wendy Anderson - Utah Living website made by BrandCo

Imagine Utah Living, the website of Wendy Anderson is one that is completely moving. All of the elements of the area in which this real estate agent serves is clearly represented, everything from mountains to lakes to woods. I am especially fond of the lower calls to action housed within circles. These elements stack very nicely when being viewed through mobile devices, which is important when it comes to Google search engines and the change that occurred to their algorithm in 2015.

Darrell GargalaDarrell Gargala website made by BrandCo

Darrell Gargala is a former real estate investor gone real estate agent. His website is meant to help guide others entering the real estate world. Located in Colorado, Darrell focuses on first time homebuyers, investors, and military. Calls to action include buyer resources, your home’s value, blog, and the ability to download his home-search app. As with all good real estate websites, this one also spotlights communities to increase ease of search for visitors.

Allison Ziefert’s Best NJ Towns
Allison Ziefert website made by BrandCo

Hyper local is a great way to describe the website created for Allison Ziefert. This New Jersey native knows that her clients are looking to buy within the communities of South Orange and Maplewood and has positioned herself to become an expert those areas. Allison’s website makes it easy for views to search for new homes and provides great information on surrounding communities. Not to mention, she regularly posts within her blog, adding to her Search Engine Optimization.

Brittany Purcell and AssociatesBrittany Purcell and Associates website made by BrandCo

One of the best things regarding the new website for Brittany Purcell and Associates is how the layout speaks to the reader. People visiting this website are often looking for homes in the Athens and Gainesville areas of Georgia. Calls to action help those visitors to easily find different kinds of property listings within those two hyper-local areas. To go into even more details within those areas, you can visit the Neighborhoods tab in the website navigations for subdivision and community information. Brittanysells.com is designed to be a very welcoming, southern, soft website and it surely delivers.

Kelli Bairn
Kelli Bairn website made by BrandCo

Quick, to-the-point, and highly stylized – a great way to describe Kelli Barin’s new website from 2015. This Colorado native real estate agent now has a very earthy and nature toned design that demonstrates many of the great things in her area. Calls to action on Kelli’s homepage include calculating home worth, relocation assistance, and a link to their blog with information for buyers, sellers, and the area.

River City LivingRiver City Living website by BrandCo

Ryan Vandaele is an Illinois and Iowa licensed agent who focuses on the river cities. So, what better website than River City Living? This site gives visitors the opportunity to search for properties in many different ways. They have access to the standard property search, open houses, to download the mobile app, and other links to properties sold by owners and many others.  Other great bounties of information are found throughout the homepage to take you further into the website, as well as a blog for them to regularly update their site.