4 Ways to Help You Write Killer Website Content


One of the most important ways to draw more visitors to your webpage is by providing killer website content. Many sites provide poor content because they are more concerned with SEO and think that by increasing their search ranking, they’ll attract more visitors to their site. While this is true, poor content won’t keep visitors there for long. High quality content is what convinces readers to return. If you need WordPress help because you are unsure of what kind of content to write, then be sure to use the following 4 tips to help write killer content for your website:

Make it interesting – This may be easier said than done. Your content needs to be interesting to read. The best way to figure out whether a piece of writing will be interesting to your readers is whether or not you find it interesting. Don’t think the subject is very interesting? Then don’t write about it – because neither will your readers.

Make it helpful – One of the best ways to attract more readers is by providing content that will benefit them, whether it’s a how to guide or a piece of content that will help them make a more informed decision about a product or service. If the reader will benefit from the content, then he or she will most likely return to your site for more advice in the future.

Make it relevant – Your content is not going to be helpful or interesting if it has nothing to do with the subject matter of your webpage. If you have a site about dogs, then there’s no point in writing a piece of content about the stock market. Not only do the readers on your site not care, those who find your content through a search aren’t going to be very interested in the rest of your site.

Make it easy to read – Many sites make the mistake of not making their content easy to read. There should be plenty of white space throughout your content, with lots of paragraph breaks, headers and bullet lists. You want your content to be easily scanned over – people browsing the net often don’t have the attention span to read a giant wall of text.

By following these 4 steps you’ll be well on your way to writing killer content on your new WordPress website.