7 Ways to Attract More Visitors to Your Website

Whether you’re a real estate agent looking for prospects, or a retail store owner who wants to drum up more business, it’s important to launch a website that not only represents your company but also attracts the right type of visitor. Hundreds and thousands of people are searching for the products and services your business offers, but only some will ever even get to your website.

How do you stand apart from the competition and ensure you are seen by the most qualified prospects? By creating a website that provides useful information, ranks high on the search engines, and also makes it easy for the visitor to contact you. Here are seven simple ways to attract more visitors to your website:

#1: Provide High Quality, Useful Content

Many people searching online are looking for information and answers to their questions. Some of these web users are also interested in making a purchase or booking an appointment during the same visit, so you can serve as a guide by providing high quality and useful content throughout your website. From articles to blog posts, updating your website regularly with fresh and informative content can help to attract more visitors.

#2: Use Keywords Appropriately

Using the right keywords throughout your site can help you get a high ranking on the major search engines. This is important because search engines help people find you. If you’re not showing up on the first few pages of organic search results for major keywords, your prospects might not even know you exist.

#3: Initiate a Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaign

You can attract more visitors to your website with a targeted pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. PPC ads also use keywords to drive traffic to your site, but you will show up in the sidebar of “Sponsored Search” results, instead of in the organic listings, when someone does a keyword search. If you are competing for some popular keywords, PPC ads may be a valuable marketing strategy for you.

#4:  Create a YouTube Marketing Campaign

Can you present your business, products and services with a short YouTube commercial or presentation? Post your YouTube link on your website so that visitors can learn more about you within a few minutes. Video marketing can improve your search engine rankings and can also help to build your online presence.

#5: Submit Press Releases Regularly

Writing and distributing press releases about the latest products and services you have to offer, your website launch and other newsworthy items can also help to drive traffic to your website. If local media channels pick up your press release, you may be able to reach a wider audience.

#6: Offer Free Newsletters and Articles

People love free information. Offer a free monthly newsletter or post an archive of previous newsletters you have sent directly on your website. Create a separate section for articles or blog posts that contain useful information related to your industry. Adding content to your website regularly also has a search engine optimization benefit.

#7: Use Social Media Platforms Effectively

Promote your business on social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter. Set up a professional account and share information about your company, latest news in your industry, and also to share information from other businesses or partners you work with. Social networking sites can help to build your brand presence and drive more traffic back to your website.

From providing useful, keyword-rich content to launching a YouTube marketing campaign, there are several ways to attract more visitors to your website. Make sure your online marketing strategy includes at least one or two of the above approaches so that you can enjoy a steady flow of traffic month after month.