Arranging Pixels adds New Level of Defense for it’s Hosting Clients

spam_firewall_overviewMarch 17th, 2009- Arranging Pixels of Orlando, Florida brings a new level of spam and virus protect to it’s clients with a new Barracuda Spam Firewall.

The appliance was installed Monday at SpiderHost the companies colocation facility in Orlando.  At the time of installation approximately 50% of the companies clients were moved over to the new firewall and it is expected that all clients will be filtering mail through the device by the end of the week.

Arranging Pixels receives an average of 250K emails per day of which 90% of them are spam.  This new device will take on the responsibility of keeping this junk away from the users in box and stop viruses from infecting their computers.

This device is the second of many network upgrades Arranging Pixels has planned over the next several months- be on the look out for new updates on how Arranging Pixels continues to improve  the quality of their clients online experience.

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