Arranging Pixels partners with Carbonite

untitled-21Arranging Pixels has chosen to partner with CarboniteTM as their end user backup solution.

Carbonite Online Backup can save you from the costly nightmare of recovering lost files. For only $54.95/ year, you’ll be able to recover lost files quickly and easily from any computer. And because Carbonite offers you unlimited storage for a flat rate, you can back up as much as you’d like without having to worry about going over a storage limit. For security, your files will be double- encrypted so only you can see them. At Carbonite, we make worrying about your precious files, a thing of the past. Carbonite online backup now includes remote file access! Retrieve files you have backed up with Carbonite from any computer with an internet connection.

  • Easy to Use — Installs quickly and easily, with no new user interface to learn
  • Quiet — Works in the background to update your backup without slowing down your computer
  • Secure — Uses the same encryption as banks so only you have access to your data – guaranteed
  • Hassle-Free — When time comes to restore files, recovery from any computer is fast and simple
  • Now with remote file access — Retrieve your backed up files from any computer with an internet connection.


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