Creating GOOD Calls to Action on Your Website

Creating calls to action on your website

Real estate sites are a vital tool in reaching out to potential homebuyers and spreading information about local real estate markets. However, some fail to be effective due to a failure to entice prospective real estate buyers into contacting the Realtor® about buying property and homes.   This is largely due to an ineffective call to action. Calls to action are a critical step in reaching out to potential homebuyers and generating lucrative property sales leads.

Here are just a few ways to make calls to action on real estate pages more enticing and effective when attempting to reach out to new clientele:

Active & Urgent Language

The first and arguably most effective technique is to use active and urgent language when addressing your audience. Focus on action words and phrases like “How’s the market” and “What’s my home worth today?”  Doing so adds a sense of urgency to the reader that may have been missing before and the primary reason for the audience disconnect.

Multiple Teasers & Temptations

Having strong calls to action on every page is another effective technique for real estate bloggers.   Visitors to your site will not just be on your home page – they will (hopefully) visit numerous pages within your site and as such each page should have a call to action.  After all, the main purpose of having a website is to gain additional leads and sales, and the only way to do that is to gain their information, which can be obtained through your calls to action.

Be Deliberate & Obvious

Also, be sure to incorporate the call to action into your webpage prominently. Placing a “Contact Us” link on the sidebar of each page is a great way to catch the audience’s attention and to get the phone to ring.   It is also important to not clutter the call to action with other less important content. Doing so will make it blend in and seem less important.

Finally, make a point to use bolder colors and larger fonts to catch the audience’s eye better.

Calls to action are a critical link in online real estate marketing. By using urgent language, staying consistent and making the call more prominent and enticing, you will be able to generate sales and reach out to prospective property buyers.