Employee Spotlight – Meet Mackenzie

Time to put the spotlight on another happy face around BrandCo HQ. This time, it’s that sweet voice that you get the pleasure of hearing when you call our office. Mackenzie is a sparkling breath of fresh air that takes care of her fellow employees’ needs, not to mention, Ken’s, too! We’re lucky that we have someone as great a Mack to take care of us. Learn more about this blondie below.

What do you do here?

My Title at Brandco is Administrative Assistant. Basically what I do here is answer the phones, stock up on our sodas,water and snacks, pay everyone :), keep the fish alive, make sure everyone’s birthday is celebrated, help with party planning events and all other office related stuff.

What got you into developing / design?

Luckily for our clients, I’m not in developing or design 🙂 My boyfriend works in a similar atmosphere. He loves his job and I knew jobs like this don’t come around very often. I couldn’t pass up a chance to love where I work too. Even though I’m not assisting in the design or development aspect, I’m doing what I love, which is helping others.

If your co-workers could describe you in 3 words…

Helpful, Quiet and Smiley.

Favorite resource / place for inspiration / brand:

Though I am not a designer/ developer, I still love to make things and get crafty! I am a Pinterest addict and I don’t see myself ever recovering from it ever. Unless of course they come out with some updated form of Pinterest.

Best thing about BrandCo:

The best thing about BrandCo is the people who work here. Everyone is so talented, creative and just really good, kind people. Everyone is so eager to help each other, it really makes you want to be your best self everyday.

If you had a super power…

Time travel. I think it would be so interesting to see how everyone lived and dressed from a different time period.

What is the defining cartoon of your childhood?

I have a few… Fraggle Rock, Mister Rogers Neighborhood and Pee Wee’s Playhouse. I realize none of these are cartoons but this is what I watched.

Any special awards / milestones / fun facts about you?

Interior_ES1118Fun Facts:I worked for Walt Disney World for 9 years in entertainment. I spent a year overseas working for Hong Kong Disneyland. There’s only 1 Mickey Mouse and yes, Cinderella does have sleepovers in her castle and her mice and birds braid all of her princess friends hair. Also, animals do talk and love wearing clothes.

When you’re not at BrandCo, what are you up to? (Interests, Hobbies)

Usually I spend my free time with my boyfriend going to car shows and supercross races. We also love coming up with future furniture creations. I also spend time with my mom, who is an artist. We like finding new stores with unique things.

The one thing you’d like to share about yourself that maybe people don’t know:

I was an Artistic Roller skater, which is pretty much like the ice skating you see on tv, only on roller skates. My grandparents owned 2 roller skating rinks in Michigan around the 1950’s. One is still in business today. I competed competitively and I still enjoy lacing up my skates for 80’s night at the local Roller Rink.


Stay tuned for another Employee Spotlight coming up soon!