Employee Spotlight – Meet Zenadia

Zenadia has been a valuable asset here at BrandCo for quite some time now. She’s constantly designing custom Email Stationery for BrandCo’s clients, making it possible for each person to send a personalized message to each of their clients. Z, as we all call her, is a snappy dresser and a great friend. Let’s learn more about her…

What do you do here?
I am a graphic designer for the emailStationery team. My duties include Consulting, developing and implementing custom email stationery designs for clients.

What got you into developing / design?
I was inspired to become a designer as a young teen. There was a small photo gallery in the Bahamas, seeing all those life-size Interior_ES1230photos that captured the subjects true emotions ignited a passion inside of me that moved me to become a designer. I always loved how art inspires and moves its audience.

If your co-workers could describe you in 3 words…
Easy-going and a little mysterious

Favorite resource / place for inspiration / brand:
My favorite place for inspiration is nature and people. Everyone is so different (unique) in there personalities, their personal style and their life stories I find that inspirational along with how the world (nature) is constantly changing (the colors, textures, aromas and sounds) all that is so beautiful.

Best thing about BrandCo:
Best thing about B-Co its a non stressful job and we have a great leader that is encouraging that fuels growth and positivity in each individual.

If you had a super power…
I would want to be like the guy in the movie limitless, I believe he had an abundance of knowledge just by taking a smart pill. (that would be cool)

What is the defining cartoon of your childhood?
Bobby’s World & Winnie the Pooh

When you’re not at BrandCo, what are you up to? (Interests, Hobbies)
When Im not at B-Co I’m spending time with friends, usually trying eating at a new restaurant, YouTubing beauty / health and wellness, at the gym at Zumba class, or helping out with graphics at my church.


Stay tuned for another Employee Spotlight coming up soon!