Facebook Business Page vs Personal Profile

Do you concentrate on creating your personal profile or do you tackle a business page on Facebook instead? This is certainly a decision that faces many individuals when they are making the transition to the Facebook (FB) community.

If your primary interest is building your business then you might want to consider a business account on Facebook. A business page on Facebook is one on which you are able to meet and greet new customers and build better relationships and future sales.

Once you decide you want to get a new FB business page you are also going to agree that the page is primarily for promoting your line of work and less (to no) personal socializing. Facebook officials have created some firm guidelines that drive this point home.

This will be set up for the benefit of your company or products; and not designed as the hub of your social life. When it comes time to think about the social scene you can check out the profile pages.

Of course this does not mean that there is no socializing involved. Your business page is the perfect place to interact with lots of different people at different levels. This is acceptable just as long as you understand that your online socializing is going do be conducted in a professional manner. After all being social, learning the fundamentals of entertaining viewers and developing a network of contacts are elements necessary for your business success.

You are also given the ability to post an unlimited number of paid promotional advertisements on a business FB page.   The benefits and ROI on spending your marketing dollars on Facebook ads is debatable at best, however.

A profile page on FB can include a few comments relating to your business activities and events. You will need to write them so people don’t view the messages as being “hard sell” ads for your business.  It is at the discretion of Facebook as to whether or not they will permit any type of business related posts on your profile, and can cancel your account at anytime should they desire to

In order to maximize the value of Facebook for your company it is necessary to keep your pages interesting and update on a very frequent basis (daily is definitely preferable). If you can make time for both a business page and a profile page-then more power to you! Grab those reins and ride out into battle. If this job is taking too much of your time just work on one of these FB options. This is the only real way to harness the energy of the Facebook universe and let it help power your marketing strategies.

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