Facelift improves conversion at FindMyHomeDenver.com

When Drew Armbruster approached Arranging Pixels last month he was faced with a dilemma.  He had spent a ton of money on building a WordPress website, but he was not seeing the conversion rates he had hoped for.

After reviewing the website analytics and conversions for a few weeks we knew exactly what FindMyHomeDenver.com needed.  A simple facelift!

The facelift included:

  • Fresh new color palate to match the logo
  • Clearer call to action buttons on the homepage
  • A reduction in the number of navigation choices
  • Relocating the navigation to a more intuitive place.

We relaunched the new FindMyHomeDenver.com just over a week or so and Drew is  a happy camper… in fact he said “the site has been doing amazing since you finished the new look!!”

If you’re looking for a home in Denver- take a look at www.findmyhomedenver.com and give Drew a call!