5 Ways to Get More Leads

Everyone wants more leads! But, it can be hard to get the phone ringing without a lead generation plan in place. We’ve outlined 5 strategies you can put into place today to get more leads and increase your reach.


You are an expert in what you do. So why not share some of your expertise on your blog? When search engines like Google index your site, they are able to pick up on the keywords in your blog posts. This helps you get found for specific keywords that are related to your industry. This is the basis of modern Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The more blog posts you write, the more value your audience will attribute to your site. Who doesn’t want to keep going back to a site that provides them with real value? As your site establishes authority, you will see more and more people filling out the lead capture forms on your pages.

Videos with email capture

Creating video is a great way to show your industry knowledge and expertise. But, most of us let visitors off the hook after they are done viewing a video. Wistia is a video hosting site that allows you to embed your videos directly on your site with a lead capture form built into the player. Offering free and paid plans, it’s easy to get setup in a matter of minutes. If visitors are viewing your videos, they are more likely to enter their information in your lead form. Wistia also integrates with a majority of the CRM’s as well.

Email marketing

Every time you capture a lead’s information, you will want to add their info to either a content management system or email marketing service. Make sure you have their consent with a box that authorizes you to contact them for marketing purposes. Tools like Insightly or MailChimp both offer free ways to send out emails to your list of contacts. If you are emailing your leads on a regular basis, you will be able to establish credibility and stand out in your industry. In every email you send, you will want to offer easy ways for your leads to reach out to you.

Social media

You might already have a social media presence, but are you actively using it to get more leads? This means creating content for each social media platform with links to your site or blog posts. Get your audience involved by asking questions and taking the time to respond. You can also hold contests to further increase engagement and drive action.

Events and Webinars

Holding an in-person event or webinar can be one of the best ways to drive new leads. It’s important to provide quality information or cover a specific topic that will attract your audience to your event. Sites like Eventbrite will allow you to plan and organize your in-person events, while being able to collect your attendee’s information. For Webinars, Join.me makes it simple to hold free webinars with a few clicks.


Your website should be a lead generation machine, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But, sadly many websites were not designed with lead generation in mind. This means having strong calls-to-action and thoughtful lead capture forms. This also means having a site that provides real value. Much like your blog, your pages should be purposefully built and designed for visitors to take away information that is helpful to them. Today more than ever, your site needs to to be optimized for mobile. With a larger amount of daily traffic coming from visitors on their phones, mobile optimized sites present an opportunity to turn mobile visitors into interested leads.

These are just a handful of ways you can get more leads. With the combination of everything outlined, you will be able to exponentially power-up your lead generation funnel.