How Important are Business Cards?

Every respectable business person has business cards. But why? The easy answer is so that people have the means of getting in touch with you. However, in today’s world, with digital representation a must, everyone can be found just as easy on Google, Facebook, even LinkedIn.

Studies have shown that people throw away most business cards they are given. At the end of your day, do you want a pocket full of small pieces of paper? Nobody does.

However, the ones that are kept succeed in two areas where the ones in the trash can failed:

  1. They remind the cardholder of a good experience.
  2. Nobody is going to look at your card later and say “Wow that guy was a jerk, better hold on to this card!” But if their reaction is “Oh yeah, he made that funny joke!” or “We talked about that great business deal!” It is easy to connect those to “I should put this card somewhere important!”

People keep cards that look impressive.

Your card’s impact is controlled more by visual experience than information provided. Everybody has an email, everyone has a phone number, it’s how that info is presented that causes people to pay attention to it.

People also show off and talk about impactful business cards they’ve received. Your card can be so impressive and unique that it’s actively continuing to market for you, even after being handed out.

How do you achieve these two factors and regain business cards as a useful tool for your business?

To ensure that you’re represented uniquely and your first impression is a strong one, you have to have custom designed branding.