How much should a website cost?

When you are ready to price a website for your business you might just find yourself overwhelmed by the options and costs that are involved. One thing you need to do immediately is to ask “How much should a website cost?”

There are hundreds of answers to this simple question. And every answer is going to be different, for different reasons.

To be quite honest, the cost is going to be based on lots of different factors. It is up to you to decide exactly what items you want; what items you need and which items you can ignore.

Designers of websites can set a flat fee for the project and/or charge an hourly rate. These rates can range from $30-$300 per hour.

In order to determine how much a website should cost, take into account the overall quality that you want. A templated design is a cheap option, but it is also something that fails to attract much attention. Online browsers are already used to seeing millions of these identical appearing sites.

The total cost of your website will depend upon your designer, but there are other factors in play. For instance all of the following will impact the cost of those online pages:

  • professional quality and appearance of your site
  • number of pages
  • amount of time and difficulty of work that is involved (out of the box versus customized site)
  • integration of special website features
  • cost of logo design
  • the “uniqueness” factor that will make your site different from all others

The more elaborate websites can be extremely expensive, but many businesses are able to get a high quality website designed for less than $5,000.

You’ll need to determine a budget for your website and then talk with several professional design experts. This will help you discover exactly how much bling you can get for your money. Look at all of your options and make wise choices at every turn. Don’t get caught up by “website styles” when you should focus on true substance and quality.

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