Logo Spotlight – Innovative Property Group

This may be the freshest logo we’ve ever blogged about! Approved just moments ago, ladies and gentlemen, BrandCo is proud to unveil Connor Jordan’s new logo for Innovative Property Group. Based in Denver Colorado, this real estate company is looking to grow their luxury and high end business, while still maintaining a connection to the average buyer and seller. Connor chatted with us about creating a logo that spoke to a mid-century modern flair, and something higher end but not stuffy; Contemporary, clean, and understated was the name of the game and BrandCo was ready to play.

The logo team spent a lot of time browsing Pinterest, Google Images, and other inspiration sites searching for the perfect look. One of our muses took the form of vintage wallpaper patterns, home decor, and ultimately lighting and art fixtures from the 1950’s and 60’s. Geometric patterns and faceted shapes caught our attention during our searches, so we figured that would be a good jumping point for the logo.

We decided to go with a modern font like Futura to bring a retro but contemporary feel. By replacing the O in Innovative with an icosahedron, we were able to make the connection between the geometric interior design styles from the mid-century modern trend and real estate.