Most Effective Social Media Tools for Marketing Your Website

When it comes to marketing your business online and developing a solid brand presence, social media campaigns can help you get results, fast. Some of today’s most widely-used social media marketing tools are helping businesses across all industries generate more interest in the business’s products and services, attract new clients, and also spread the “buzz” about news and other announcements – and all within minutes. The social sphere is growing at a rapid pace, and many small business owners re realizing that jumping onto the social media bandwagon early can help to attract new customers and maintain loyal clientele.

Here are some of the most effective social media tools for marketing your website:

Facebook Page

Even though many small business owners initially set up Facebook profiles with their business contact information, most are now switching over to the Facebook Page. Business fan pages allow you to network with your fans just like you would with a Facebook profile, except the Page is public and has a more professional presence. Your Facebook Page can be customized with your company logo and colors, and you can also upload pictures and notes. Facebook now allows you to interact with commenters as your business on Wall posts, so networking here has a more personal touch.

Encouraging your existing customers to “Like” your Facebook Page can help you build a solid online brand presence and also keep everyone updated about the latest news, product launches and other information relevant to your industry. You can also post links to your blog right on your Facebook page, and link your Twitter account to it to save time (see below).


Twitter is another effective social media marketing tool for marketing your business and website. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with how Twitter works and looking at the Twitter handles and profile pages of other businesses in your market or niche. You’ll find that many other businesses have been able to attract customers and partners as “Followers”.

Your Twitter updates are limited to 140 characters, and this tool can be an effective way to engage your Followers in a public conversation, post links to your blog or Facebook page, and provide random updates or newsbytes on information relevant to your company or the industry as a whole. Ultimately, Twitter helps you build a positive brand presence and gives you a chance to interact with your current and future clients – or business partners – in a new way.

Company Blog

Even though your company blog may be an extension of your website, you can still drive a lot of traffic back to your website, product landing pages and “About Us” page by updating your blog regularly. Blogs are another communication platform that can help you build credibility in the online world and attract the right type of customer.

Adopt the habit of reading other blogs relevant to your company or industry, post comments on them, and write fresh and engaging blog posts to keep your readers interested. Blog posts need to be short, informative and timely. Provide quality content regularly and you can keep attracting visitors to your website while increasing your online reach.

Facebook, Twitter and blogs are just some of the most effective social media tools for marketing your small business website. Spend some time exploring your options so that you can promote your business more effectively, build a positive online presence, and continue attracting your “ideal” customers.