Photography Tricks – Low Light and Bright Light and Other Nifty Ideas

Getting ready to shoot some pictures of a home or office? Then you best be sure that you have taken the time to spot any potential problems before you put that camera into action.

There are some simple photography tricks that you can use to make your listings look as captivating as possible.

Thank goodness you can now take your photos via digital imaging. This means that you can instantly see what the picture looks like and make the necessary adjustments to your lighting, staging or camera angles – no more guess work involved.

This is your opportunity to practice your skills with a camera. The more adept you become, the better the final shots will be. The better the picture, the more interest you will generate amongst home buyers.

Remember that the wrong lighting can make even a luxurious home appear dull, boring and uninviting. Lighting problems are easily solved with just a few adjustments. You might have to open a window; open the doors or simply change the controls on your camera.

Back-lighting is effective in certain environments but this does require a light touch and practice in order to get the best pictures. Luckily lighting is one thing that you can adjust repeatedly-until you are satisfied with the photos.

Professionals home staging experts have the knack for making any home look wonderful. They know how to highlight the best features and architectural details. If your budget does not allow for the hiring of an interior design expert or a home staging team then just take a page from their book and DIY.

Natural light is very flattering and you can create more of this lighting effect by removing heavy drapes and window coverings. Practice taking pictures until you discover where to find the best natural light.

Fluorescent lights and decorative lamps can create problems. Switch these lights off and check the next set of photos and see if you are satisfied with the shots.

Always get rid of any excess clutter in the rooms of a home that is going onto the market. Clutter is unappealing and very distracting in a photo.

Keep the line of the camera level when snapping those pictures. This easy trick will make sure that you avoid out of focus shots or those funny “fish-eyed” pictures that are an instant clue to amateur photography skills.

Slower speeds on the camera shutter are your best option when taking pictures that are going to be shot in less than optimal light. * Low light=Low shutter speed.

Your hands may be steady but there is still a chance that you will come up with some shaky pictures. Eliminate this problem with a tripod for your camera.

A wide angle lens can let you digitally display an entire room to interested buyers. Just remember to check the vertical settings. These lines should be perfectly perpendicular to the floor. Once you have established a totally vertical angle the final picture should be spot-on too.

Sometimes photography tricks are simply not enough to help you do a good job for your client. In order to show that home in its best light you must have quality camera equipment. That camera phone may not cut it for prime professionalism. Try a DSLR and external flash equipment for the best results.

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