Proper SEO – Writing Right

If you do not have the proper SEO techniques in place when you create your web pages you are going to find yourself behind that proverbial “eight ball.” It takes the right combination of well written content and essential search engine optimization tactics to get top billing online.

There really are specific algorithms in use by the search engines. Even though a different keyword algorithm is used by each of the main search engines there are some things you can do to make your site grab all of their interests.

Your first obstacle is to get some quality writing for your site. While you do want to get noticed by the search engines you need to be equally concerned about your ability to attract the interest of real people.

A page that sounds natural is going to appeal to the average consumer. People want to read something that they understand and then return to your site if you give them what they want. This means more traffic, more public interest in your site and potentially more sales. Isn’t this what you really want?

Include a search engine optimized title (utilizing your researched keyword phrase(s)) that also has been optimized for your keyword. This SEO tactic is a basic element that will boost your chances of success.

Flash is not something the search engines really understand. Same principle applies to images. All of these will require alt tags if you want the search engines to decipher them properly. In order for your online content to be indexed your alt tags need to include the specific keyword(s)  you are targeting.

Never stuff unnecessary keywords into your text. Overuse and misuse of keywords is an absolute no-no. Stuffing your site with keywords is not only silly, it can lead to penalties (or an online ban) for your site.

Your keyword phrase(s) should be included within your H1 and H2 tags, as well as the tags and description of your post/page.

Your keywords should be placed carefully for maximum optimization of the pages. Do not allow your keywords or key phrases to become the main focus of your written material. Use the keywords, but be sure that the content is informative, on topic and makes sense for your future readers.

Site maps can be submitted to at least two of the major search engines. You should include a map of your site on your pages. This will create a more effective and efficient search when the engines do arrive at your business site since the map identifies the most important pages.

Inbound linking requires dedication and time. The better these links are, the higher your ranking will become. Inferior or suspicious links will harm your ranking, and these are best avoided. Trust only those inbound links that have already proven to be reputable and trustworthy (ie ranked higher than your own site).

When your content is interesting to your readers you have them on the hook. When your website also includes such details as anchor text, images with anchor text and well-written material that provides value to the readers, those search engines will also find it hard to ignore your website. This means that your online pages will begin to climb the ranking charts and move you toward your goal of earning a coveted first page (and ultimately number one position).

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