SEO for the Busy Entrepreneur

In the real estate business, SEO is the key to being discovered and to gaining user engagement. By virtue of the profession, a good SEO strategy requires a keen attention to detail, and using your location as a key component of the strategy to really drive users and gain a following.

A well-crafted SEO strategy will likely need some patience in the beginning, as well as a decent amount of tweaking in order for it to be really successful.

However, the best way to mitigate the number of edits needed after an SEO strategy is deployed to follow some of these key tips, and use these to design a strategy that will give you the following you need to be successful in digital marketing.

1. Original content is key

Many real estate agents often fall victim to their busy schedules and are unable to create original content efficiently. This leads to more copy-pasting and using social media sporadically to gain a following. Unfortunately, though, that is not an effective long-term SEO strategy.

Copy-pasting content will hurt your SEO rather than help it and will make it that much more difficult to stand out in the millions of search results being presented to users. Taking time out to develop original content might seem like a heavy investment of resources essentially, but it is well worth the effort.

2. Being hyper-local is essential

The key component of a good SEO strategy for real estate agents? Leveraging the hyper-local business of your nature. It is far more essential to invest resources in local SEO efforts rather than general. Local SEO efforts are able to yield great results and this will help you gain a local following that can be converted into loyal users.

Real estate is all about location, so think about search results in a similar manner. You want to ensure that you are the forefront of your local scene and that users are able to easily find you and differentiate you from the crowd.

3. Become a key provider of lifestyle information

You might be wracking your brain for original content ideas, especially from a long-term perspective. One of the best ways to develop original content for your SEO efforts is to really think about the lifestyle you are offering and how to explain that to users.

Whether it is providing information on amenities, location or just the general lifestyle – develop content that will help users feel like they are experiencing what the properties are all about without needing to be there. Once you gain a consistent rhythm in publishing this content, you will become a key provider that users will look to learn more.

4. Become a local expert

The earlier point also relates to this one in terms of long-term content ideas. Balance the lifestyle information with content that is geared towards positioning you as a local expert. This could include events in the area, fun restaurants and nightlife options, and just general information.

Users are going to look at your content to learn more about the lifestyle but also about the area, so use your content as a way to showcase that. This will highlight what makes these properties more unique compared to others based on the local events taking place, and drive your SEO efforts as a local expert.

5. Continually find ways to be helpful

At the end of the day, your SEO efforts will be successful if you are able to deliver value to your users. Use your content and website to be as helpful as possible, from the kinds of articles you offer to the text you use on your website landing pages.

A successful SEO strategy rests on the idea that you are providing real content and value to your users, and that is what will drive your popularity. Finding innovative ways to make your content more helpful and useful will be what really drives your success, so it is important to keep the focus on that.