A Successful Blog Post in 5 Steps

Do you want to know how to write a perfect blog post? This post will help you generate the readership that you’re all working for!

Give Your Blog Title Zing!

The title of your blog post is extremely important, it is the first thing that your reader will see and it will set the tone in what they will, if we’re do our part, continue to read. You want it to be something that will bring your reader in. Make it really interesting! Aim for titles that are brief, direct, and promise to deliver.

Be Thought-Provoking

That first paragraph after your reader gets past the title is crucial! One easy strategy is to pose a question to your reader. Get them thinking about what you could be going through later in the article. Motivate them to keep reading.

Stay Brief and On-Topic

Keep your post brief enough to where it’s worth reading but won’t require a long period of time to get through. Most people are busy and our goal is to have them spend their time wisely when reading what you’ve written. Also, your reader stayed for a reason, to learn more about what you had to say…stay on topic, make it worth their while.

The Closing is Important, Too

Use this moment to present the big picture. You can also approach another point that is also worth considering along with everything that you have already covered. Just make sure that it’s relevant. Also, short and sweet.

Be Graphic

Readers like illustration, something to draw their attention. Be thoughtful in your selection of images, however. I always say that way too many images can make a blog post look extremely cheesy. Also, readers appreciate high quality photos. Remember, always give credit where credit is due regarding where the image came from or who took it.

It is really just that simple to create an interesting, savvy blog post! I always find that it’s easy to write what is on my mind and just keep going. I like for my own voice to be extremely prevalent in my postings. You should, also. Let us know how this helps you out, apply these key steps to your post. Happy Blogging!