Technology Comes Together

An agent shared a great story with me last week on how technology has impacted his business.

He was working with some buyers from the UK when a new property came on the market the agent emailed his clients a copy of the MLS listing.  The client was interested and asked the agent to go take some additional photos, so the agent headed out to the property- technology in hand.

He took photos with his digital camera- transferred them to his laptop and emailed them to the client through his Sprint Card— he then made a Skype call to his client through the internet.  The client checked their email and they had a conversation about the property…  Pretty cool, but here’s the best part———  The client loved the property, so while they were on their Skype call the agent prepared the contract using his Adobe Acrobat and sent it to the client!   The offer was written, signed and submitted to the sellers in under 20 minutes all because of the agent’s use of technology— and the agent never left the property!

Imagine how that transaction would have been different 10 years ago!?!

Can you Imagine-

  • Taking photos with a 35mm camera, going to Walmart having the film developed and sending it via Airmail to the UK
  • Waiting for the client to get the photos and call you on a very expensive long distance phone call.
  • The agent prepares the contract and “Faxes” it over another expensive international phone call.
  • The client signs the contract and “Faxes’ it back to the US over yet ANOTHER very expensive phone call.
  • The agent receives the fax and turns around and “Faxes” it again to the selling agent.
  • 3 generations of faxes the selling agent faxes it over to their sellers—
  • The seller signs the agreement and “Faxes” it back to the selling agent
  • The Selling agent “Faxes” it back to the buyers agent
  • The Buyers agent “Faxes” the fully executed contract over a very expensive phone call to the US.

Do you think all that could be done in 20 minutes???  Can you imagine if we had to throw some addendum’s in there?  WOWZERS!  How times have changed- for the good!  Embrace Technology!

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