This Is Why You Fail – 4 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Website

Every website owner begins their journey to taking over their piece of the internet with enthusiasm. However, that enthusiasm typically fades over time and websites are left to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, no website is meant to be ‘set it and forget it’. Not to mention, there a number other items that website owners overlook that are huge pitfalls when it comes to being successful. Over time, websites need love and dedication and should be ready to upgrade when new industry standards take place. Hopefully, your website will be safe from these next 4 blunders that typical website owners make…In the words of Yoda, “This is why you fail.”

Not Mobile Friendly

That largest majority of internet surfing these days is done on cell phones or other mobile devices. If your website isn’t ready to be viewed on these new popular devices, you’re at an instant disadvantage. I can’t tell you how many websites I’ve immediately left because it wasn’t easily viewable on my cell phone. You have probably the same experience.

Responsive websites even take a priority when indexed within Google. If this isn’t a huge plus for taking your older websites mobile friendly, I don’t know what is! Almost two years ago, Google saw the trend of mobile devices doing the majority to searches and wanted to make it easier for those of us on the go. Having a website that responds to the size of the screen is a big one. A must!

An Overloaded Menu

Short and sweet is the name of the game when it comes to the navigation to your website. A website that has too much in its menu proves to its visitors that there’s no focus. Think through the journey that you’re wanting people to take through your website, these are the items that should be on your menu. Organize this in a way that makes sense for the audience that you’re attempting to attract, not just in what makes sense to you.

Every page of your website does not need to be on your menu! The goal is to get your visitors to from page to page as you have your content designed to interconnect, creating a higher potential for click through.

Not Regularly Adding Content

Adding content on a regular basis allows for you to continuously get more potential links in search engines. This is one of the most important ways to gain exposure aside from marketing. Google sends out spiders that crawl all over the words on websites, finding answers to your questions. The more words you put on your website that you expect your audience to type into the search engines, the more likely you are to be found. Not to mention, this keeps your website active and current, adding to it by way of pages and posts that can lead to one another. This is the biggest key to a successful website and one that is most often overlooked. Maintaining your website definitely, involves adding content regularly.

Forgetting About SEO

Search Engine Optimization takes an additional step to adding that content to make a difference with your website. While adding content is extremely important, doing a little extra work when you do so, can really pay off. Things like meta descriptions and meta titles take seconds to create and will make Google happy. Not to mention, adding alt text to your images, takes your imagery the extra mile. Other things, such as submitting your website’s sitemap to search engines, helps give them the opportunity to know what all your site has to offer.


Now that you know the 4 common mistakes when it comes to websites, you know what you can do to make a difference with your site and to become a successful part of the internet. Now, go forth, Padawan, and conquer!