Web Design Tips

At BrandCo, We treat your business as our own, and in doing so, take pride in providing helpful design suggestions to everyone we work with. The following is the first list of many Web Design Tips we will be sharing with our valued clients:

Web Design Tips

Think about your user.

Even though your website is yours, it isn’t for you. Keep in mind your clientle and what makes the best user experience for them. Make sure to put yourself in their shoes when reviewing or designing your website. What do they want to do? How hard do they have to work to get what they need? How much information do they have to provide to get their desired results? What do they respond to aesthetically? Really knowing who your clients are and what they want from your website will make it great and increase their interaction with it!

Too many buttons.

You may work in an area with over 100 sub-communities, but having each one listed out isn’t a great idea. Options are great, but too many options is confusing and frustrating. Have you ever had to sift through a long list of items to find one thing you want? Once your site is on a mobile phone, each one of those buttons you requested will stack in rows. More buttons = more scrolling.

Headers should be clean.

Making sure your website is easy to use is one of the most important aspects to the web design process. Headers in particular should be clean, and not over cluttered with information. The top of your website should be reserved for all the important information: navigation, contact info, company name, or logo. Things to avoid putting in the header of your website are personal photos, social media, and anything non-essential. These things can all be added to the website, but try to keep them further down the page.