Why Neighborhood Pages are Important!

Online real estate marketing has grown in importance dramatically in recent years. With web-based marketing, Realtors® and real estate companies alike can reach new clients and keep their pulse on local real estate markets like never before.

A vital component to online real estate marketing and advertising is neighborhood pages. These pages are imperative for providing local (also known as hyper-local) real estate information to potential clients as well as expanding the reach of Realtors® and real estate firms of all sizes.

Neighborhood pages allow for unprecedented marketing and advertising opportunities, letting companies and Realtors® reach out and connect with prospective homebuyers and real estate investors from all across the globe in a very specific and niche-oriented way. Additionally, they provide vitally useful information on local schools, amenities, attractions and other points of interest for potential clients to see, allowing them to become acquainted with the neighborhoods they wish to live in and be able to better decide if it fits their unique needs.

Another reason that these pages are so important is the information about home prices and property values they allow both realtors and homebuyers to conveniently and quickly access. This can be done extremely effectively by utilizing the agent’s MLS IDX system and, if using WordPress as your platform for your site, plugins and widgets which are specifically made for such pages.

By creating neighborhood pages, you are essentially creating single landing pages for each neighborhood.  Depending on your market area, this can enable you to develop your website exponentially in a very short amount of time!  In addition, if created correctly (using researched keyword phrases within the page urls, titles and tags), you can gain great strides in search engine results and traffic to your site, which in turn will provide you with additional clients and eventual sales.

These pages act as critical real estate guides and information sources for potential homebuyers, giving them the knowledge they need to know before they move into a neighborhood. By gaining such specific insight into a neighborhood and its housing inventory before reaching out to Realtors® physically, prospective homebuyers are more likely to buy a home with that specific Realtor®. Having the right information about each neighborhood at the right time can make the difference between closing the sale or not.

Acting as an informational tool for local Realtors® and a connection to prospective real estate buyers, neighborhood pages are vitally important in the world of online real estate marketing and advertising. No Realtor® or firm in today’s world should enter the competitive market without investing the time and resources into creating neighborhood-based pages for clients to view online.