Getting started with online advertising

With buyers and sellers turning to the internet first, generating online leads has become more important today than ever before. That is why online advertising, also known as Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), has become a popular choice for businesses looking to attract highly targeted leads.

Whether a company is a small startup, or fortune 500 company, PPC advertising is accessible to businesses of any size. PPC advertising works just as it sounds; when a visitor clicks on an online ad, the business pays for that click. The real power of this type of advertising comes from how highly targeted ads can be. Working with an agency, a business can target an audience during a specific time of day, day of the week, certain income bracket, and geographical area, amongst many other targeting parameters.

Two companies that offer businesses the most reach are Google and Facebook. Each have their own online advertising options, with particular advantages and disadvantages.

Google AdWords

Google offers advertisers placement of their ads on the search engine’s search results. When a searcher types in keywords related to the advertiser’s ad, Google shows the advertiser’s ad. For instance, a searcher might be looking for a real estate agent to sell their home and may use a keyword such as “realtors”. This would trigger an ad by all the real estate agents who are advertising in that area. Google has an advantage in reaching people who have a high intent to purchase. This also means the cost per click for most keywords will be higher than other online advertising options.

Facebook Ads

Companies can use Facebook’s advertising platform to target potential clients as they browse their news feeds. Facebook offers different advertising options depending on the audience and campaign goals. One advantage Facebook offers over other online advertising options is access to greater targeting parameters. This means advertisers can target based on things like income level, topics liked, or the industry their audience works in.


Retargeting PPC advertising serves ads to web visitors after they have left a business’ site. While ads draw visitors to a website, they do not guarantee sales. Retargeting ads remind people about products and services they previously saw on a business’ website. They only target visitors who expressed interest in those products or services.


Creating better lead generation forms is a simple way to help optimize conversions from PPC advertising. Optimized forms help collect all the necessary information about a visitor, allowing visitors to become customers.

Pay per click advertising provides an excellent return on investment when optimized properly. Working with an agency can help businesses achieve stellar results in their PPC advertising.


Getting Started

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