Wait, we now have a third website?

The new my KW websites powered by Placester are designed to replace the current eAgentC  websites.

When will the eAgentC websites go away?

The current eAgentC platform will be available for agents to use for at least a year. The current road map has the eAgentC websites being retired in late 2016. This may change without notice.

I have a current eAgentC website refresh with BrandCo- what happens to that site?

You can continue using your eAgentC website and BrandCo Refresh for as long as KW supports them. If you purchased a Responsive Refresh from BrandCo, the design that was created for you can be moved over to the new my KW websites. If you have a non-responsive Refresh we will not be able to move the designs to the new platform as it is 100% responsive.

What happens if I have a non-responsive Refresh from BrandCo and I want to use the new my KW website?

Since the new platform is 100% responsive we can only move over designs that are responsive. You can upgrade your current non-responsive Refresh for the amount equivalent to the cost of a new Responsive Refresh less what you paid for your original non-responsive Refresh. We respect the investment you made in BrandCo, and we think this is the fairest way to handle it.

Why is a Responsive Refresh more expensive?

Short answer- It’s way more work. We have to design the site for phones, tablets, and desktops. Essentially its like 3 website designs in 1.

If I upgrade my non-responsive Refresh to a Responsive Refresh can I get a completely new design?

No, if you’re upgrading, your existing Refresh look and feel will be made responsive. You can make small modifications, but if your brand has changed substantially you will need to purchase a new full package Responsive Refresh.

Since the new my KW websites are already responsive, why do I need a Responsive Refresh?

Just like the current KW sites, the new my KW websites will be templates based around the KW brand. You will have the ability to make color changes, and upload your own images, however, if you want to have a website that focuses on your brand and unique value proposition and doesn’t look like 100,000 other sites then you’ll need to have your website Refreshed.

I have been using my Piggyback Blog, what happens to that?

The Piggyback Blog is based on WordPress- just like the new my KW websites. This means that all your Piggyback Blog content can be ported over to the new my KW websites. KEEP BLOGGING NOW- because you have a Piggyback Blog you have a competitive advantage. Once the new platform rolls out all KW agents will have the ability to blog and the playing field will be leveled. You have a huge head start.

I want to move to the new site, when will that move happen?

We will be working with KW and Placester during the next few months to have a strategy in place for migrating BrandCo clients after the official nationwide roll out of the new website platform.

Do I have to move to the new my KW website?

No you can keep your Piggyback Blog in place and move your content from eAgentC to the Piggyback when eAgentC is retired.

If I choose to the new my KW website platform, will I have to do any work?

Yes you will. How much work depends on how many pages you’ve built into your eAgentC website platform. The pages will need to be recreated, either on the new sites or in your Piggyback Blog. BrandCo will not be able to migrate any content that is on the eAgentC platform.

What happens to my WolfNet IDX?

If you prefer your WolfNet IDX you can keep your current IDX solution and Piggyback Blog. Once the eAgentC platform is retired you can run your entire website off your Piggyback Blog.

What should I be doing about my website now?

  • You should be blogging as much as possible on your Piggyback Blog.
  • If you do not have a responsive website, you should upgrade to a Responsive Refresh. This does 4 things that are critically important:
  1. It gives your website visitors a better experience when they come to your website on a phone or tablet device. It also looks way better on a widescreen desktop or laptop.
  2. It shows your clients that you’re on the forefront of technology.
  3. Google now penalizes websites that are not mobile friendly in the Search Engine Results, having a Responsive site will give you the best chance at placement.
  4. It is the only way to transition over to the new my KW website platform.
  • Start recreating any pages you built on eAgentC to your Piggyback Blog. Only content on the Piggyback Blog can be moved to the new my KW website.

I’m part of the early adopter group, can I get BrandCo to make design changes to that website?

No, BrandCo will not begin editing the new websites until the official nationwide roll out in early 2016.

Will the Piggyback Blog be going away?

At this point there is no reason for BrandCo to retire the Piggyback Blog platform. We will not leave our clients homeless when it comes to a website, so if you decide that the new my KW sites are not for you, and eAgentC goes away you may continue to host your entire website on the PBB platform.

I hired someone else to design my eAgentC website, or I’ve designed my own eAgentC website, how will that be transferred to the new my KW website platform?

BrandCo has been preparing for a migration like this for years, with the introduction of the Piggyback Blog system a few years ago, and our new Responsive Refreshes earlier this year, we have been ahead of the curve and have had our client’s best interests in mind. These two tools are the key to migrating from your current website to the new website platform.   Discuss with the vendor who designed your website how they plan to support you through this transition. If your vendor is not able to provide you with the support you need please reach out to us so we can see if there is anything we can do to help.

This is all just too much for me to handle right now, I’m just going to wait and see what happens when the new sites come out next year.

Choices can be paralyzing, especially when they involve technology.   Waiting to see what the final product KW is going to provide is the worst thing you can do. Your clients deserve a great website experience NOW and you need to be blogging NOW before your hyper-local market gets saturated. Having a 6-month head start will serve you for years to come.

But I’m just tired of spending money on website stuff.

Technology is always changing and part of being a real estate professional is having the best tools to support your clients.   Buyers and sellers are getting more tech savvy and their expectations are increasing daily. Your responsibility as a real estate agent is to provide your clients with value, and a strong online presence is a part of what is expected of you. If you do not provide your clients with these tools they will find them elsewhere. (uh have your clients mentioned Zillow? I bet everyone you’re working with used that name at some point in the transaction.)