A BrandCo Family Thanksgiving

At BrandCo, we consider every team member and client as family. So, it is only customary that we wanted to spend a Thanksgiving with our work family, too. Yesterday, we enjoyed a delicious pot luck with Turkeys prepared by our fearless leader, Ken. We had everything from green bean casserole to pecan pie to accompany. During the holidays, and throughout the year, it is important to slow down and appreciate being able to surround yourself with such amazing people.

The day before Thanksgiving was a very big day for us.

IMG_9974It marked David’s last day with us. We’re very proud of our boy and his new opportunity at US Today and his big move to New York. We’re happy to have been part of your journey, David!

We also celebrated the day that Eric was born with a Birthday cake…on top of the pecan pies, pumpkin cheese cakes, and pumpkin pie.IMG_9973


We asked the team what their favorite part of Thanksgiving is:

IMG_9965James E: “I love Thanksgiving! Its that time of the year that you realize how blessed you are to have your family and friends.”
Jessica: “Spending time with my family 🙂 ”
Bianca: “Food…Oh and I like the Macy’s parade”
Trey: “Grandma’s pecan pie”
IMG_9967Emily: “My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is getting to see family and eating yummy foods that I don’t get any other time of the year.”
Denika: “Cooking for a crowd.”
Trevor: “Over the last few years Thanksgiving has been getting to know my girlfriends family better and shown me how great it is to have a close family and to stay in touch often. I hope to bring the same traditions and family values to own one day”
IMG_9969Max: “pumpkin pie”
Mackenzie: “Hmm It’s hard to pick just one thing. I like that Thanksgiving reminds everyone what they are most Thankful for. For one day we are grateful for the people we are spending Thanksgiving with and the things we take for granted on a daily basis.”
IMG_9959Zenadia: “Family.”
Marc: “My favorite thing is sharing your hard work and culture through a feast”
Vincenzo: “Postdinner coma”
Hector: “My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is….being with family and people I love (and the fact that most people have better attitudes)”
Jake: “Post-dinner naps”
IMG_9962Gesenia: “Having a day to gather with family and reflect on the good things in our lives. And of course, getting to eat delicious food and drink some wine.”
Eric: “My birthday is near it, so I almost always am off work”
Tracy: “Getting to visit my family. When it comes to food, my mom is amazing and her dressing is to die for! Im usually already full from snacking on everything while she’s cooking before we even make it dinner with the rest of the family”
Phil: “Drinking at 10am on a Thursday”
Juan: “My favorite thing has to be the food… definitely! and of course sharing with your family and friends…but the food… I’m telling you xD”
IMG_9966Jonathan: “Hmmmmm… being about 5.000 miles away from them, I’m gonna go with spending time with the family…”
Tony: “Taking time at the beginning of the meal to remember all of the positive things that happened that year”
Amie: “The drinking, the laughing and the story telling with family 🙂 And pie. I love pie.”
West: “Helping others”

Hope your Thanksgiving is just a GREAT!