October Team Festivities

IMG_9883October here in Orlando, Florida doesn’t necessarily mean that things begin to feel like Autumn, but all of us here at BrandCo are big fans of celebrating Halloween. While Ken may hate spiders, we filled our head quarters with “occupied” webs. These were accompanied by bats throughout the office, too. Our Party Planning Committee enjoyed decorating and buying cool party favors for our team such as syringe needle pens, ghost erasers, paper pumpkins, and cool Halloween themed tumblers.

IMG_9896Thursday, October 29th, we had a fun time getting crafty. Our whole team sat down along a long table and got to decorate and paint our own little paper pumpkins. Each person seemed to have a different take on how they would embellish or color theirs. While we were getting our “Martha Stewart” on, our Office Admin, Mackenzie, quizzed us with some hard-core Halloween trivia. Think you know a lot about Halloween? Well, this quiz definitely would have tested your knowledge.

Give these questions a try….

  • A pumpkin is a fruit. Which fruit classification is a pumpkin in? (Berry, Pits, Core, Melon or Tropical Fruit)
    • Answer: Berry
  • Due to a very small budget for the first Halloween Movie, what mask was spray painted white and worn by Michael Myers?
    • Answer: William Shatner

Team Creepy Crawly made up of Bianca, David, and Jake reigned supreme to the challenges and got to take their pick of the two kinds of creepy Tumblers (One said it was filled with Poison, the other literally was a scream).

Here are some photos of our team being creative while painting, glittering, and embellishing their pumpkins from Thursday…

IMG_9908Starting first thing Friday morning, we began our Murder Mystery. All were “invited” to attend the Abby Manor Annual Masquerade Ball and were assigned our specific characters. I was Mag Niffie, an ill-tempered, rude Optometrist (do you get it?). Other characters included Blondie Fawn (actress), Dolly Dee Seiner (a doll maker), Jackey T Pressen’ (dry cleaner), and Yuna Verz (an astronaut). Through 3 rounds of our Murder Mystery, we followed our cues and left clues for each other depending on our actions to other players. Essentially, this Masquerade was full of drama and it was crazy to watch and be part of.

IMG_9906After our potluck Chili lunch, we all enjoyed a nice toast of sparkling cider. Little did we know, while we were toasting, a murder occurred! Sherlock Tracy was killed with a broken wine bottle. But…

Who did it?! 

Friday concluded as we all divulged our characters’ secrets, protesting that we weren’t the killer! I won’t spoil things, but it definitely wasn’t who we all suspected it would be. At the Abby Mannor Annual Masquerade Ball, everyone had a motive to kill Sherlock Tracy, just one person was pushed a little too far.

October is always a fun month around the office here at BrandCo and this year was by far the best! Hope everyone had an amazing Halloween and is happily looking forward to a great Thanksgiving holiday.