Spirit Week 2015 Team Superlatives

IMG_8259Below is the list of all the awards and superlatives that were awarded within our team. As with each year’s Spirit Week, we take time to turn the focus on our awesome team makes and capitalize on the moment by highlighting their strengths and characteristics, and to just have an all around good time with each other.

All of the awards were presented by our Party Planning Committee of Georgieanna, Gesenia, Trevor, Tony, Jessica, and Denika. During the ceremony, we all enjoyed taking park in an ice cream social. We had many different types of ice creams and ice cream sandwiches.

Best Dressed – Andrew Keel

Most Improved – Tony Ray

Most Helpful – James Estebanez

Most humorous – Emily Crane

The Ninja Award – Zenadia Martin     IMG_8267

The Creative Diction Award – Piero Rojas

Most Caffeinated – Trey Dunn

The Silent Skyper – Bryant Taylor

The Smugness Award – Jake Smith

Most Useless / Useful Trivia – Tracy Adams

Best Attention to Detail – Bianca Blue

Most Likely to Spend an entire month’s salary on Worbla – Samantha

Most Likely to be Caught Jamming – Juan Sánchez

Most Likely to be Consecutively Tardy – Georgieanna Gross    IMG_8273

Most Likely to have a Secret Identity – Max Lutz

Most Likely to Save a Kitten – Jessica Stewart

Most Likely to Drink Your Tears – Phil Geist

Most Likely to Stay Up Late and Play Video Games – Trevor Deal

Most Likely to Start a Nerf War – Eric Fraze

The Work / Life Balance Award –  James Gillentine

CREATIVE TEAM’S RUFIO –  James Gillentine

Most likely to stay late at the office and sleep in the next day   – Vincenzo Marconi

Most likely to overexplain what you need  – David ParsonsIMG_8278

Most likely to work for Stark Industries – Marc Garcia

Most likely to dress up better than you –  Gesenia Antomattey

Most likely to break out in hives – Mackenzie Rodgers

Most likely to jack your poncho – Valentina Salazar

Most likely to hate the thing you love – Denika Robbins

Peer Nominated Awards:

Innovator Award – Sam and David Someone who takes initiative in developing / brainstorming new procedures, technologies, or resources for us to continue progressing in our client communications, skills, or internal workflow.

Best-in-Show Award – James E A member of our team who is our not-so-secret weapon on the tradeshow floor. A joyous traveling companion who always has a great attitude with clients on a face-to-face basis.

Bubbly Award – Amie This one goes out to a team member who has the most positive attitude and friendly disposition. The happiest telephone voice, the best laugh, or the one who brings sunshine into the room each day with them.

IMG_8277Best New Resource – Slack Self-Explanatory, but this isn’t for an individual. This is a procedure, internal development project, or shared knowledge that has helped us grow as a team this past year. Click to learn more about Slack.

The Real MVP Award – Ken Granger