What is a landing page?

In today’s online marketplace, the landing page has become indispensable. In a nutshell, a landing page is the first glimpse of your business a potential customer receives. Designed with the intent of calling the customer to action, your landing page will typically be accessed by a customer through an advertisement or referral link. It is your first chance to sell your product or service to the customer, meaning that an effective landing page can make or break an effective online marketing strategy. Below, we’ll cover a few reasons why small businesses with great landing pages have an edge over the competition.

A Quick Sell

When a customer stumbles on your page, they should not need to navigate an extensive website to discover who they are working with, what service they need, or how best your business can provide it. A landing page allows you to drive these principles down immediately, without risking the loss of a potential sale due to a short attention span.

A good landing page grasps the customer’s attention immediately– they are interested, and far more likely to invest more time exploring your business.

Search Engine Optimization

A fantastic way to improve your search rankings is by providing locally-minded content. Customers searching for a new realtor, for example, are more likely to receive a listing with such content.  By including adequate amounts of local community-focused content on your landing page, and enjoying the subsequent traffic of users accessing the page, you maximize the odds of your landing page reaching a potential customer in your area.

Building Rapport

Similar to above, great landing pages often include content from social marketing platforms, enhancing the user’s connection to you. One of the first impressions these users receive is an insight into you and your network– this dispenses with the user’s need to do further research on you and your business, as your community, reputation, and personality are already in-hand.

Directed Action

An excellent use of a landing page is for referral links. As an example, consider a user looking for a new home browsing mortgage calculators online to see what they can afford. At the bottom of the page, a link to your landing page invites them to browse homes within their budget in the area– this link takes them to your page, wherein you can immediately show why you are the agent they should use. Use of landing pages through referral links pairs customers requiring a particular service now with the perfect provider of that service– you, and your business.

Maximized Traffic

Like any page, your landing page can also be customized to ensure exposure to the exact markets you require. Consider a landing page that provides resources a browsing user may be interested in– to follow the example above, your landing page could feature a free eBook on the best financing for mortgages in your area, or local events directed towards educating first-time homeowners. By including products, information, and keywords relevant to your business on your landing page, you can maximize click-through traffic from potential customers you may otherwise have missed.

Performance Insights

By using a landing page as part of a campaign, it makes it easy to track what content is maximizing the return on your investment. Tracking user behavior allows you to fine-tune the performance of your page, and identify what resources are commanding the most (or highest quality) traffic. Many landing pages will include, for example, a survey or contact form– besides promoting an immediate call to action, the data gleaned from this content ensures your marketing strategy is attracting the right clientèle, as well as providing a solid list of leads for potential business.


These are just a few examples of why landing pages are such a powerful marketing tool for small businesses. When devising your marketing campaign, ensuring your landing page is correctly tailored to your needs will provide high traffic, dependable business, and a stellar return on your advertising investment. For more information on polishing your landing page, contact us at BrandCo.