AP Helps “Raise the Bar” in Real Estate

Arranging Pixels is passionate about raising the bar in everything we do- from taking your business cards to the next level to beating your website into a lead generating machine!  We LOVE making an impact on small business!  When the guys from VerifiedAgent.com approached us to help them raise the bar in the real estate industry we were like antsy school children screaming “pick us! pick us!”  Thankfully they did and after months of sweat and sleepless nights VerifiedAgent.com was born.

Verified Agent is the industries first and only “VERIFICATION” platform that sets a high standard of quality and commitment to the real estate industry and diligently does a background investigation of each agent that applies to become a Verified Professional Agent.  You cant fake this stuff.  If you’re a real estate agent you’ve gotta check this out!

Check it out!  www.verifiedagent.com