How to Properly Use Content Curation Sites

Subscription websites that regularly offer up content are becoming more and more common. So common-place that we decided that it would be to everyone’s benefit to cover the best ways to make use of these services and what to avoid.

One website of interest would be Keeping Current Matters, which provides many real estate agents with great content. This site gives you a website that allows you to compile articles within.

What to Avoid

As tempting as it seems, try your hardest to avoid the most common mistake with these kinds of content curation websites. This would be copying and pasting the content into your website, expecting to earn SEO from it. As we have discussed before, you do not want to take content from another website and use it on your own because it can negatively affect your search engine optimization.

On Keeping Current Matters, you have no idea how many people have grabbed the content and used it on their website. You want all content that you put into your site to be as unique as possible. So, what do we suggest?

Be Inspired

While we are discouraging you to -take- the content that you’re given from a content subscription website, there is definitely still a reason to get their content. Use it to your advantage and let the great articles from these websites guide your blog post and page inspirations.

As we all know, it is very important for your content to be unique in order to search engines to rank our pages higher in the “Search Engine Result Pages” or SERPs. So, whenever you can be inspired by someone else’s writing, but able to put your own spin on it, you’re way better off.


Often I do this for my own work…believe it or not, it’s not always easy to think of things to write about. However, if I find something useful, I want to make it available to those of your reading our blog posts. Yet, a lot of articles I read and understand, are more technical, I want to make those on a lot easier to understand. Making the information that I understand available to more people. Win-Win, right?

Exactly, This is exactly what your website is geared to do. Make the information that -you- understand, easy for your audience to understand. Break things down. Always think about your audience -and- search engines. Write in your own words and appeal to your audience and you’ll always have a successful website.