What’s Your Dream?

Recently I have been reading The Dream Manager, and both thinking and speaking a lot about my dreams and goals. As part of our culture here at BrandCo, growth through reading and learning from the experience of others is encouraged greatly. This is how I came across The Dream Manager.

This book hosts a story set in a janitorial company that is trying to get a handle on their out-of-control employment turn-over rates. The company, Admiral, decides to turn things around by focusing on the dreams of their employees.  They start by creating a new position called the Dream Manager.

A dream manager was put into place to discover the dreams of the employees and to, in turn, assist them in devising plans and strategies to accomplish them. Through learning more about the desires and struggles of the people that work for them, Admiral’s leadership was able to better serve them, building a much more loyal, hardworking team.

The lessons learned in The Dream Manager have become a big part of how BrandCo functions. We recently had Don Hobbs come in and speak to us about The One Thing so we can begin following our dreams and building realistic plans to achieve them. Our CEO, Ken, has also helped us greatly in identifying our goals, putting a price point on them, and helping us create a real trajectory to them.

In all honesty, it’s hard to keep dreaming once you become an adult. Life becomes more about survival than dreaming big. Removing life’s every day restrictions and opening your mind to big possibilities is extremely powerful and can provide a newly energized purpose to your life.

I definitely recommend that you purchase The Dream Manager and start dreaming for yourself. It may just change your world.