Logo Spotlight – Gini Ingram

Gini Ingram’s new logo is fresh out of the BrandCo oven! Our team just put the final garnish atop the logotype for the Lafayette, Louisiana based Realtor®. Gini is a newer agent, and as such, needed help establishing her brand. During our initial consultation, we talked about really trying to capture the essence of the area she lives and works in. We discussed traditional Cajun imagery like the Acadian style housing that was very popular in the area, as well as the symbolic fleur de lis. The most important thing was that the logo feel warm, inviting, and make people feel comfortable. Gini Ingram’s brand is all about southern hospitality, and having her clients feel right at home with her.

Gini Ingram, Realtor® Logo

We knew that Gini would be interested in seeing script options for her name. So, we broke out our fancy watercolor pens and some crisp, white paper and wrote her name over and over and over again. Once we had a few options to our liking, we scanned the options into the computer and began fleshing the typography out. Once the script was just right, we added the traditional fleur de lis as a dot on one of the i’s.

Using the word Realtor® in a logo can be tricky, so we worked within the National Association of Realtors guidelines to make sure that Gini’s new look was in compliance with their rules and regulations. Through our investigations we created a look that both satisfied the NAR, as well as brought that warmth and personality that Gini wanted all along.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Someone Else’s Content

As we’ve preached for years and years, content is the key to achieving Search Engine Optimization! Simply put, Search Engines want to know what you have to say and they want to be sure it’s said with your readers in mind. With content being so important, blog writers and/or website users are often tempted to simply take it from others. Here are the top reasons why you should create your own content instead of copy it.

Don’t Waste Your Time

Believe it or not, if you found content on the internet, it is most likely already indexed on the majority of Search Engines. But what does that really mean? It means that sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc are already giving credit to a specific domain for the content you found. If you copy and paste that content into your website, you’re then considered a duplicate. Search Engines do not want to credit duplicated content as a dependable source when answering users’ questions. They’re10x more likely to provide the original content than to ever suggest yours to someone that is searching for the information. If the purpose of adding content to your site is to be found in Search Engines (the fabled SEO), then copying and pasting someone else’s work is a step backwards and you’re mostly just wasting your time.

Your Readers Want to Hear From You

People end up on your website because they want to know what you have to say. In the instance of real estate agents, your current and potential clients want the opportunity to get to know you through what you write. It seems strange to think that your personality comes out in what you type, but it definitely does. If they wanted to read that other content, they would have found it on their own. Yet, they came to your website! Give them the real deal! If you had access to that other content, they most likely did, too. Sell yourself, not someone else.

You’re the Expert

When you’re writing for your website, you’re giving your real-world knowledge the ability to come to life on the internet. You know what you’re talking about. Don’t feel the need to take content just because it is online. The content that your readers want is the information that you tell your clients, friends, family every day. Having that info available online, at-the-ready, for all your potential friends and future customers, is what will help increase your web presence.

Most Importantly, It’s Plagiarism

Whoa! That’s a serious word! But, it’s true! Plagiarism is defined as “the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.” I know that Plagiarism seemed like a more punishable offense prior to the world wide web, but the impact on SEO makes a big difference in the success of your website.

If you find articles on the internet that you feel would have a great place within your website, there are options. It’s best to use that information as inspiration rather than taking it word for word. Credit your source. Write in your own words. Be original. Your readers will appreciate it and you’ll get the bump in ranking that you’re looking for.

Print Spotlight – Marangeli Aranzamendi


Marangeli’s fresh, new business cards are hot off the press and we absolutely love how they turned out! Stemming from her very organic and unique logo, we wanted to be sure that her business cards mirrored these same ideas. We were instantly head over heels for her color palette, so we decided to really let the orange shine with a complete wash on the back side of the card. We then utilized a duo-tone look on the front side to balance everything out in a visually appealing manner.

We designed this card to host all of Marangeli’s personal contact information on one side of the card while the rest of her Keller Williams® brokerage details would be placed on the back.  Inspiration for the slightly off-center look of Marangeli’s personal contacts was drawn from her Aranza Homes typeface. We also gave her website address some flair with a leaf embellishment from her logo to draw attention to it. All luxury cards from BrandCo. have the option for glossy Spot UV elements. In this case we highlighted the leaf arch in her logo as a main element. We really love how these turned out!

Logo Spotlight – The Beaches Properties

The Beaches Properties needed a new look for their Jacksonville based real estate business. Carryn Iredale, the owner, was looking for a logo that captured a certain essence of the area. With clients ranging from snow birds, first time homebuyers, and even investors, Carryn wanted her logo to appeal to a wide range of people. With a name like The Beaches Properties, our creative gears began turning as soon as the consultation was underway, and our pencils had scribbled out a page FULL of ideas by the end of the call. 

The Beaches Properties Logo

Our logo team talked about multiple ways to capture the idea of beachfront homes and the beach lifestyle. We also knew steering clear of obvious real estate imagery would help distinguish her brand from others. One of the ideas we came up with was a whale’s tail breaching the surface of the water. We immediately ran with that idea once Carryn gave us her blessing, but we made sure to explore other beach related imagery like waves, bubbles, palm trees, and the list goes on. 

The Beaches Properties eventually became what you see here! We opted for a somewhat abstract representation of a whale’s tail for the icon. The pattern covering the icon was meant to symbolize the ebb and flow of the tides. We paired the imagery with a playful yet modern font, and used colors that mimic the clearest of blue waters. In the end, Carryn Iredale has a unique new look to her brand, and one that will help her stand out in the crowd. 

Employee Spotlight – Meet Eric

Today, in our Employee Spotlight blog, we introduce Eric! Eric is one of our many gifted web developers that helps bring your responsive refresh design to life! He began with us as a web development intern in late December of last year and has made himself right at home.

Eric describes his responsibilities here at BrandCo. as getting our clients “unstuck” when issues arise. He will walk through technical support questions and educate our clients on the WordPress platform along the way. “As a developer in a small company atmosphere like this, we’re empowered to make decisions on our own. We make things happen and we make them happen quickly.”

Eric’s fascination with web development came to fruition when he and a few friends decided to create a fan-game for the popular video game, Halo. They wanted to perfect and improve Halo’s user experience and building the fan-site for the game ended up being Eric’s favorite part of the process. The rest is history!

Employee Spotlight - Eric InteriorOutside of BrandCo., Eric is a recovering Skittles-addict and an avid vegetarian “because eating animals makes him feel bad.” He is poppa to a crested gecko named Gremel (who recently lost his tail during a relocation ride), and an adopted English Bull Terrier mix named Pele. The shelter Eric adopted her from named her after the Hawaiian deity “Goddess of Fire” because she was rescued from a previous owner’s house fire. Pele is fully healed with just a little scarring, and is loving her new life.

If your co-workers could describe you in 3 words… 
Tall, Lanky, Stretch

Favorite Resource:
grunt.js – Helps automate certain tasks

The best thing about BCo. is…
The laidback atmosphere

Most Random Thing You’ve Eaten for Lunch:
A microwaved baked potato

If you had a super power…
Super intelligence to calculate items quickly


Logo Spotlight – Team Bamboo

Angie Dunbar is the brains behind Team Bamboo, located in beautiful Kansas City. Angie wanted a new logo that had the same fresh and clean appearance as the brand she was looking to create. Their calling card is “A Fresh Alternative in KC Real Estate” after all, so we knew that was something we had to live up to.

Team Bamboo Logo

The bamboo concept was something that our team focused on from the very beginning. Angie came to us with the idea, and knew it would be a perfect way to capture the essence of her business. Coming from a family that had been in the construction industry, she made the connection that bamboo is a very strong building material and could tie closely to her real estate business. Bamboo also brings with it a sense of freshness, a sense of serenity, and a certain contemporary style that we knew her logo would benefit from. Lastly, the bamboo plant is characterized by a dense root system, mimicking the community mentality of Angie and her team of agents. And let’s not forget how much panda bears love bamboo, and who doesn’t love panda bears?

After exploring a few different ideas, Team Bamboo and Team BrandCo settled on an interesting play between bamboo stalks and housing imagery. By adding the open door to the thicket of bamboo, we knew there would be no mistaking the relationship between the icon and real estate. Add in some soothing green tones, and you’ve got one fresh looking new logo.

Logo Spotlight – Concept One Real Estate

Concept One Real Estate, based out of Portland Oregon, isn’t your average real estate firm. Josh Friberg founded his business on the belief that your home is the first thing that determines major aspects of your life. Everything from your local hangouts, what you do for fun, even where you work is determined by where you live and what your surroundings are. Concept One as a brand expands into many other branches outside of the real estate world, including business development and podcasting. Josh is also one of 30 nationally certified trainers/teachers of The ONE Thing, and you can find him giving speaking events in the Portland area and across the country. 


Concept One was always meant to be a typographic logo – basically a logo that uses text as the main element instead of an icon. Representing a brand or an idea using only text can be a difficult task, but not an impossible one. So, with the knowledge that Concept One is rooted in technology and training, we knew the logo had to be clean and classy. It also had to be flexible, so that the client could adapt the logo for the other branches of the business.

We used good old fashioned pencil and paper to flesh out a way of transforming the negative space in the letter C into a 1. The use of negative space is an integral player in logo design and can lead to innovative and memorable icons if used properly. Pairing that idea with a clean, modern font gave us the perfect look for this fresh new brand.

Employee Spotlight – Piero

Piero is one of the many talented designers behind the keyboard here at BrandCo. Piero is a specialist on our Responsive Refresh team. Every day he works tirelessly to transform eAgentC websites into amazing tools that reinforces your brand and speaks to your audience! He loves working with enthusiastic clients, who care about their first responsive website. He loves discussing interface trends and UI design! Around the office, Piero can be described as someone who  is goofy, clearly creative, and a little jumpy (he’s easily scared) at times!

Piero - ES Interior ImageWhen Piero is out of BrandCo mode, he enjoys photography and finding new fun places to eat. You can easily win Piero over if you serve a good burger – He’ll be a customer for life. Currently, Piero is going through an EDM phase on his Spotify playlist, but Drum & Bass puts him “in the zone.” Find a few more fun facts we discovered about Piero below!

If you could have a super power… what would it be?
Organizing PSD layers in one second

Favorite place to go to for lunch:
Urban Hibachi

Your defining cartoon series growing up:
Hey Arnold!

Is there a brand out there you just can’t get enough of?
Google… until they rebranded earlier this month

What is the best thing about BCo?
My Co-Workers

Any fun facts about yourself?
My initials are actually in the same letter coordination as my country: P.E.R.U.

Logo Spotlight – Steele Consulting Group

Steele Consulting Group is a company based out of the beautiful city of Chicago, where the majority of their work involves rebuilding neighborhoods and transforming properties into high quality homes. The real estate group came to BrandCo with a challenge: take their existing brand and push it into the future. Their previous logo combined towering sky scrapers and bold typography. The new logo had to portray the same strength and professionalism, while showcasing innovation and a strong design sense. 

Needless to say, we accepted the challenge.


The team here at BrandCo built the new logo from the ground up around a strong central icon. We wanted something that could stand tall on it’s own. Taking inspiration from the Chicago skyline and the city’s homes, we were able to create an “S” icon out of interlocking shapes. The sharp lines and geometric style conjure up references to the architecture of the city, even playing off of the renovation side of their business. We then took it a step further and added depth to the mark with variations of color, evoking a 3D style that jumps off the page. We retained the bold style of their typography, as bold fonts tend to portray strength and power. The resulting logo captures the essence of Steele Consulting Group, a company that prides itself on its professionalism and drive for innovation.

Print Spotlight – Hailey Emery

If you were at Mega Camp and stopped by our booth, you may have seen one of these beauties in our samples we brought to the show! This is one of our deluxe business card designs we created for Hailey Emery, a Keller Williams® Realty agent based out of Waxahachie, Texas.

Hailey Emery - Interior Image - Print spotlight

Hailey’s initial consult with her designer set them on the ground running after Hailey provided us with a business card inspiration that she liked from our portfolio in the past with rich wood grain textures. We then completely customized our approach to her card and added in some warm, rustic colors to playfully and uniquely approach the area she works in. Hailey did not have much of her own personal brand created as a platform just yet, so this was her first big venture outside the realm of the KW identity which is always very fun for us to play with!

Fun Fact: Keller Williams® promotes individuality for their agents’ branding as long as each office’s brokerage requirements are met.